Dental caries remains the most prevalent non- communicable diseases (NCD) globally affecting 60-90% of children. Children suffer from tooth infection , pain, tooth loss, nutritional problems and missed days from the school due to poor oral health . through we have known about the mobility associated with poor oral health , over the last 30 years there have been no improvement in oral health globally .between 1990-2017 , the global prevalence of caries in permanent teeth in all age group increased by 35.9% , with lower income countries having a greater increase number of prevalent cases . In low and middle income countries, like Uganda the prevalence of dental caries is concerning and is expected to increase due to the increase in the consumption of unhealthy diets high in sugar and inadequate exposure to fluoride .World health organization introduced the approach of promoting the general health of students , staff ,parents and the community through the schools , In 2007. In 2008 survey of Cambodian primary schools shows , the carries experience of the 6 years old children was high and most of the caries was untreated . the 12 year old children had a mean score of 1.1 DMFT in their permanent teeth . They all had bleeding gums and more calculus, their oral health habits need to improve as many children never brushed their teeth. Angkor Kampuchea dentist cooperate with some of the community program and support to improve oral health in primary schools which they really not access for any dental facilities. The school teachers are well cooperative for the program but as economically poor in communities it really difficult to manage as their explanation . Hunger is in one hand that need much priority so they cant wait to get quality food which include all kind of nutritional facts . Daily food contains pretty high concentration of sugar levels that really effect for dental carries that cannot avoid at all .
Here is the school near Tonle sap lake , Angkor Kampuchea dentist is supporting for dental check up and prevention of carries . it is the population vulnerable regarding accessing to health facilities. If the sick condition need to travel almost a day to find the health care facilities.